Geopathic stress

Ley Lines, also called Geopathic stress, are common energetic lines found in most places. They are caused by different disturbances in the ground such as underground water, electricity cables etc. They can be up to 60- 80 cm width and have different strengths. Even though a lot of people are not aware of them, some people might feel their effect. Generally the body can deal with up to 2-2,5 (on a scale 1-12, when 12 is being the strongest.) After that health problems may occur depending on the strength and the time spent in the zone. For example a bed positioned in a line could cause insomnia. Unfortunately sleeping in strong lines for several years might result in serious illnesses such as cancer. It has different effects on different people.

The reaction of animals to these Ley Lines is interesting. Do you wonder, why your cat always sits on one place even if it’s the most uncomfortable place in the house? Or why your dog does not like its kennel and will not sleep in it even though the weather is dog unfriendly? The dog can feel these lines and does not really like them at all. But for some unknown reason cats like these lines and tend to find them. So, if you cannot sleep in your bed but your cat loves it, you might try to move your bed. Your cat might not be happy any more but for a good night’s sleep it is worth a try.

Also plants may not be healthy and house appliances sometimes might be difficult to keep running with no obvious reason. You might have two of the same plants in your garden or house but only one is flourishing even though they both get the same attention. Try to move the unhappy one to a different place. Unless you have some nasty bug in the pot eating the roots, the plant might grow again. Try the same with problematic equipment.
However, please keep in your mind that you cannot always blame Ley Lines for everything. The plants will always die if you do not water them. Machines with manufacturing faults will not work better even if you move them around the house. So, you need to be reasonable about that.
If you would like to find out about these lines in your house and whether they could be a possible reason for your health trouble you can contact me. If you have been trying varied treatments for a health problem without a good result, or if the cause has been difficult to identify, then you might be experiencing a ley line problem. The action required may be as simple as moving your bed.   
If you have any doubt or are not sure you can afford to spend much money on professional finding of Ley Lines, take advantage of the notes above. Look around at your pets, plants, appliances and see if you can see any possible signs of Ley Lines. If you decide to reposition things, be aware that you might move them in the same direction as the lay line runs. You could also put a bowl of water (not a metal bowl) under your bed over night and if there is a lot of bubbles in it in the morning, there is a chance of a Ley Line.
It is possible to find devices that claim to block the lines, but in practice some of the claims made for these devices cannot be proven. It is difficult to choose the right device if you are not able to detect and check the lines and whether the device is effective. And just to make the matter more complicated, I should let you know that these lines could move little bit from time to time!
If you decide to get your house checked for Ley Lines keep in your mind that unless you live in the Aberdeen area, I will have to charge you for transport or any other expenses if the journey cannot be done within one day.
Ley Lines Check  £65.00 per household in Aberdeen. Please call Kat at 07798 557454 for arranging an appointment. 
I wish you good health and enjoyable life.


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