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Áine and your therapist Kat


Áine was the Irish goddess of love, summer, wealth and fertility, sometimes known as sungoddess or fairygoddess.

Áine's worship was associated in Ireland with agriculture, because as a goddess of fertility, she had command over crops and animals. The hill of Knockainy (Cnock Áine) is named for her, and was site of rites in her honour on Midsummer Eve, involving fire and the blessing of the land, recorded as recently as 1879.

The story says that one Midsummer Eve some girls stayed late on this hill, lit up with torches. Áine  appeared among them and revealed the hill to be alive with fairies, which were only visible through her magical ring.

Áine is also claimed as an ancestor by several Irish clans.



My full name is Katerina Lucas. During my youth I assisted my father, in his alternative medicine practice (which has been running for 25 years), but I decided to study horticulture at master degree level. I gained a master degree in Horticulture but I did not leave alternative medicine completely and studied herbalism at university as part of the course. After several years working as a horticultural instructor I decided to move towards natural therapy and so I studied Therapeutic Horticulture at Coventry University. Following this I returned to alternative medicine and improved the knowledge from youth by studying full time complementary therapies.

The complementary therapy qualifications I hold are:

ITEC (International examination board) qualifications from studies at Dundee College:

  • Diploma in Aromatherapy

  • Diploma in Reflexology

  • Diploma in Hot Stone Therapy

  • Diploma in Holistic Massage

  • Diploma in Indian Head Massage

  • Diploma in On-site Massage

  • Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology

  • Diploma in Diet and Nutrition


Further training courses provided by The Alternative Practice Therapy School in Dundee

  • Hopi Ear Candling

  • Thai Herbal Compress Massage

  • Reiki

Further training course provided by Shared Beauty Secrets

  • Certificate in Lava Shell Massage

Further training course provided by The College of Chirokinetic Therapy:

  • Certificate in Chirokinetic Therapy

Further training course provided by Gill Thomson, compiled by Suzanne Enzer:

  • Maternity Reflexology including Reflexology support for preconceptual care and pregnancy, priming labour and support for birthing care. Also postnatal and newborn baby care.

And training course provided by Suzanne Enzer:

  • Pregnancy Massage, support for birthing care, postnatal and newborn baby care.

Further training course provided by Fertility Reflexology Network:

  • Fertility Reflexology

Further training courses provided by JING Institute of Advanced Massage Training:

  • Certificate in Advanced Clinical Massage

  • Foundation in Advanced Clinical Massage

  • Carpal Tunnel, Wrist and RSI Pain Advanced Clinical Massage

  • Advanced Sport Stretching

  • TMJ, Headaches, Face and Jaw Pain Advanced Clinical Massage

  • Forearm and Deep Tissue Massage

  • Neck and Shoulder Pain Advanced Clinical Massage

  • Shoulder Girdle Pain Advanced Clinical Massage

  • Low Back Pain Advanced Clinical Massage

  • Hip and Pelvis Pain Advanced Clinical Massage

  • Knee Pain Advanced Clinical Massage

  • Leg and Feet Pain Advanced Clinical Massage

  • Pathology

  • Advanced Clinical Massage for Scar Tissue

  • Oncology Massage and Palliative Care

  • Orthopaedic Assessment for Massage Therapists

  • Advanced Exercise Rehabilitation for Shoulders and Neck, Back, Hips and Knees


Dip.Ing. Katerina Lucas Dip.ITEC, ACMT, DPD
ÁINE Complementary Therapies

Ready to find out more?

I wish you good health and will be looking forward to welcoming you personally at my practice. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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