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Aromatherapy and Pregnancy

It’s always advisable to consult with an aromatherapist the use of essential oils during pregnancy. There are various amounts of oils helpful with different health issues but use and concentration is often limited during pregnancy. Also it’s important to listen to your body when using them. Sometimes the funny feeling or smell indicates that the essential oil isn’t the right one to use. Some important essential oils are listed below.


Safe during all stages of pregnancy: Mandarin

Back relief: Lavender diluted 1-1,5% in almond oil (massage from the sixth month)

Emotional needs: Rose diluted 1-1,5% in almond oil (massage from the sixth month)

Nausea: Ginger tea (Peppermint tea is better avoided)

Fainting: Neroli and Peppermint (Peppermint from fourth month only)

  • If not available use Lavender and Rosemary (both from fourth month only)

  • Hold under the nose or 1-2 drops on a hankie to inhale

  • Or massage 1 drop of any of these oils into each temple.

  • Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy- four drops on the tongue or moisten the lips if 

Varicose veins: Cypress, prolonged treatment, vary with Lavender, Juniper or

Rosemary (all from fourth month only)

  • Blended in carrier oil at 3% or made up in cream

  • Used as bath oil or over the area of the affected vein

  • Massage can be used above the varicosity, never below.

  • Resting legs higher than head for at least 20mins a day or yoga

  • Sufficient amount of Vitamin E and C and garlic in diet

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