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Chirokinetic Therapy


60 - 90 mins treatment

Chirokinetic Therapy (CKT) is a holistic treatment that helps the body to find its own way to achieve better health and vitality.

Due to today’s lifestyle, living in polluted environments, constantly bombarding us with unnatural substances added to food, toiletry and household cleaning, the body looses its ability to heal itself without any support.

Questions to ask.

When can CKT help?

CKT was originally developed to help the body combat allergies and intolerances, but can be used to help in almost any illness and disease. The majority of CKT clients report complete recovery or a massive reduction in symptoms.

Why I prefer CKT to western medicine?

Western medicine is mostly concentrating on symptoms of illness but CKT is trying to address the reason for the problems. For example a GP will prescribe a pills for headaches. But is it going to be the pill helping if the headache is result of dehydration or issues with neck or spine?

Why I prefer CKT to Reiki?

Firstly, CKT is working with body’s own energy avoiding any involvement of the therapist’s energy. I wouldn’t personally be happy to know I’m affected by the therapist’s energy, which could be influenced by any health issues she/he may have.
Secondly, CKT is looking for the cause of the health problem and is working with that to achieve the best result. So for example some body might be suffering for no apparent reason. The CKT therapist might find that the client was involved in an accident long time ago and the body is still suffering trauma causing different problems.

What happens in a treatment session?

This is fully clothed treatment. Muscle testing is used to find out what is going on in the body. It’s worth mentioning here that the body decides itself what problem wants to work on primarily. Meaning: You might to come with a sore knee but the body gives priority to healing the liver, which you consciously aren’t aware of until something goes seriously wrong.
After finding the issue, a small hand movement is performed on the specific point on the head relating to the organ being worked on (same principle as Reflexology). This has the effect of allowing the body to rebalance. This is followed by a rest / response time (5-30 minutes) to enable the body to take on board the information it has been given. Testing for positive response after the rest time is an important part of the treatment.

How long is the treatment and how many are needed?

CKT is based entirely on you. Being individual and unique I can’t answer this in advance. The treatment could take from 45 minutes (including consultation time) to up to 2 hours. With other therapies four treatments are generally recommended to get best benefits but with CKT it’s down to your body to decide. Four sessions might be too many or occasionally not be enough.

I can’t get my head around all that energy stuff.

Don’t worry, most people don’t. As plants need energy for growth, using sunlight for photosynthesis, people need energy as well. And not only from a food. We learnt in biology about cell mitochondria producing energy to allow the cells to work. And did you ever touch some metal and get an electrical tingling sensation? There you are. Even if you can’t see it, there is plenty of energy in your body.



Ready to find out more?

I wish you good health and will be looking forward to welcoming you personally at my practice. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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