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Dear client,

         The treatments offered are safe and have been developed to help you to relax and ease any health problems. The practice offers a wide range to choose from. Please keep in your mind that the complementary therapist is not a qualified doctor and for that reason please do not expect me to know all kinds of illnesses or provide you with any health diagnosis. But I would be delighted to recommend suitable treatments if you explain your health condition to me, or alternatively purely for relaxation.
Feel free to contact me by phone 07762324001 or by e-mail

Here are recommendations from Áine Complementary Therapies Practice, based on my experience of what works for people. I will add updates over time so please check the website occasionally for new information. Regards Kat.


  • Help from Nature: Put a few pieces of Clove spice between the gum and face near the affected tooth. This spice can be bought in bigger supermarkets for a few pounds. For stronger pain I advice Orajel, which contains concentrated clove oil. I use this myself and find it works for minor or starting toothache.

  • Help from pharmacy: Orajel provides effective relief from toothache pain. It can be bought from the pharmacy for about £5. If not in stock, ask for another clove gel for toothache. It has a very strong taste. So put small amount of this gel straight on the affected area. It will make the gum numb and kills the pain in very short time. I have used this myself but I would not recommend use of the gel before a visit to the dentist, as it may make it difficult for the dentist to diagnose the exact position of any pain.

  • Advice from a witch: Amber, orange-brown stone from the sea, could be placed on the face to nearest the tooth causing the pain. A bracelet of amber can be bought, preferably natural stones (not tumbled or polished) and used for any kind of pain such as headaches or menstrual pain. It is helpful if you do believe in the power of stones.

  • Granny’s advice:  Cold ice cream, bag of frozen peas or anything frozen placed on the face helps to relieve pain, which will return when the cold materials is removed or defrosts.

Feel free to send me e-mail, or post a message on Áine Complementary Therapies facebook if you have found any other ways of dealing with toothache, that you would be happy for me to post on this website.


Ready to find out more?

I wish you good health and will be looking forward to welcoming you personally at my practice. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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