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19.9.2018 Back in Aberdeen

I'm back in Aberdeen after two years being out of the country. I should be able to work soon.

12.5.2012 Holidays

I'll be out of country from Friday 18th until Sunday 28th May 2012. I can't guarantee that I'll have an access to my e-mails. Also phone reception might be an issue in the hills. Best Wishes Kat

29.1.2012 Pregnancy Massage Case Studies

I'm pleased to inform my clients that I'll be offering Pregnancy Massage soon. I have done required training. But also case studies are needed to finish the course. I'm looking for one client in 1st trimester and one in 3rd trimester. During 4 sessions I'll be doing some bodywork and recommending some exercises. Acupressure points and basic massage techniques helping during the labour will be introduced to birthing partner at one session (only 3rd trimester). All free of charge.

20.11.2011 Maternity Reflexology

Maternity reflexology is now available. Endocrine balance and Lymphatic technique are just some of the techniques used to ease pregnancy symptoms such as headaches, oedema or morning sickness. As I believe that this treatment should be available to all pregnant women, I introduced special offer price £25 per treatment.

18.5.2011 On-site Massage at Easter Anguston Farm

I will be performing On-site Massage at the Spring Fair at Easter Anguston Farm, Peterculter this weekend 20-21 May 2011. Everybody is welcome.

17.5.2011 Reiki Extra

Reiki extra is now available. I have developed my own treatment based on my father’s 20 years of experience with alternative medicine. My style is different from other Reiki practitioners but no less efficient. I concentrate on the client’s specific problem, using Reiki as a base treatment and adding other techniques, which might help the healing process.

15.5.2011 Braemar Practice

It is my pleasure to inform all my clients travelling to Aberdeen from the Braemar area, that the Braemar Practice is now open. Opening hours are flexible and by prior arrangement. All the treatments listed in the menu are available. Everybody is welcome to give me a call to arrange an appointment either in Aberdeen or Braemar.

10.3.2011 Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage

It is my pleasure to inform you that Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage is now available. Promotional price is £40.

I wish you good health and enjoyable life.




Ready to find out more?

I wish you good health and will be looking forward to welcoming you personally at my practice. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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